Poll: When you serve wine tomorrow, will it be red or white to go with the turkey?

Answer I think chardonnay with dinner and champagne with dessert!

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POLL:Which wine should I serve with beef jerky?

skip the jerky...let's just have the wine. then once we're wasted on that we can have the jerky and ...oh I'll shut up now

Do I serve red or white wine with pickle loaf?

I'm not sure - is Mad Dog 20/20 a red or a white?In any event, it should be served in its original container wrapped in a brown paper bag. Funyons might be a nice side dish to the pickle loaf. Ma... Read More »

Is Cat a white or dark meat and what wine should I serve with it?

Poll what cheese would you serve with a strawberry rhubarb preserve at a wine and cheese party?

Mix the preserves with either cream cheese, blue cheese, or a quality goat cheese. The blue cheese is really a great combo with the preserves. Serve with crackers.You could also make a Strawberry ... Read More »