Poll: What size is your monitor and what is your screen resolution?

Answer 52" LCD, displaying 1920x1080 resolution (also known as 1080p). Using a DVI-to-HDMI connection.Photo of my setup:…(I'm sure there's someone out there wi... Read More »

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How do I fix my computer screen resolution to fix my monitor size?

Right click anywhere on desktop, select "Properties", and then check out the resolution that fits your screen.Updating the driver isn't a bad idea - I just got my laptop back from the repair shop a... Read More »

How to Set a Wide-screen Monitor to Full-screen Resolution?

Over the past decade, older LCD-style monitors have been phased out in favor of flat-screen, wide-screen monitors. Flat-screen monitors take up less space than LCD monitors and are capable of bette... Read More »

My Monitor Can't Support Screen Resolution and Won't Boot Into Windows?

Changing monitors may result in a blank screen after Windows boots, since the monitor may not support the currently set resolution of the video adapter. Resolution describes the width by the height... Read More »

POLL: What size computer monitor do you have?

EDIT - You will get more responses under the Polls & Surveys section of Entertainment & Music category.Your guess is correct, I have a 17 inch monitor! I find both larger (20 inches or above) or sm... Read More »