Poll: What is your favorite fashion era and why?

Answer oooh---late 30s, early 40s- really feminine and flattering to all women- fitted bodice, slightly high waisted, and full skirts- suits everyone. ;Di prefer it to the 50s because its more practical a... Read More »

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Can you please take a poll about fashion?

Asshole! That scared the crap outta me!! I know I'm ruining your prank, but i have to say this.

Fashion Poll: Do you own Uggs?

I own two pairs of Uggs, they are honestly the most comfortable things i have ever had the pleasure of owning!

Fashion Poll: Do you like animal prints?

YES! leopard and zebra are to die for! as long as their not trashy!

POLL:What's your favorite Web site?

Best 3 Websites.1. http://myspace.com3.