Poll: What do you see when you take acid?

Answer wow, a blue leprechaun...a friend of mine could also see them when he tripped...initially I usually get the wavy walls but that disappears and I just usually go off into my mind on some cosmic reve... Read More »

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Is it OK to take ascorbic acid when your pregnant?

I have a disk herniation and took 10mg tablets of hydrocodone(vicodin) 3 times a day while I was pregnant. I spoke to a neonatal doctor at 7 months and he simply suggested cutting back and making s... Read More »

Should you take malic acid with acid reflux?

Malic acid is an ingredient in apple cider vinegar, which can be used to help acid reflux. This means you can take malic acid when you have acid reflux. Malic acid may also help you lose weight, fi... Read More »

Is it harmful for a pregnant woman to take one tablet of Folic Acid and a multi prenatal vitamin which has 1mg and 800mcg Folic Acid and other vitamins every day?

Answer It should be OK. Folic acid is water soluble, which means you will use what you need and urinate the rest out. My concern is why are you taking both? If you do not have a folic acid deficie... Read More »

What is the best thing to take for acid reflux?

On One Hand: Prescription MedicinePrescription medicines are often prescribed for intense heartburn. Prescription medicines to treat acid reflux are made with H2 blockers which block the acid produ... Read More »