Poll: What age did you start wearing foundation?

Answer Late 30s, and even then, I didn't wear it on my entire face. Just around my nose and inner cheeks (which get red), under my eyes to conceal a bit of blue there and on the odd spot. (Now in my late... Read More »

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At what age did you start wearing foundation on a daily basis?

When I turned 14 I started wearing a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone, and light powder to set it. I'm almost 17 now, and I use a light coverage foundation instead of the tinted moisturi... Read More »

Poll: What color nail polish are you wearing?

Im wearing this crazy hot pink color (Trust me its not tacky..) Its called TechnoGirlSephora By OPII usually wear bright colors like orange, pink, sparkly gold.Those kinds of colors (:

Poll what are you wearing on your feet at this moment?

Poll<i> I like wearing boots what are your favorite foot wear?

OMG! Me 2! Love them. I love my old suede high boots with the fringe!!!! I love red boots with a heal, very sexy..I love boots! LOL!