Poll : Touch pad or Mouse?

Answer I prefer touch pad, mouse takes too much energy to move around :)

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Poll What picture is on your mouse pad?

Picture my 9-year-old grandson drew and I had processed onto a mouse pad by New Moon. I cherish it.

How Can I off my laptop Mouse touch Pad off?

Some machine has the on/off button beside the touchpad to turn it off. If yours haven't got one, you need to disable it in Device Manager. I assume you use MS Windows.

Can u use the ipod touch for a computer mouse?

Yes there are apps that snc to a laptop with bluetooth enabled, but what would be the point? you have a touchpad right?

How to Install a Touch Mouse App on a Computer?

Logitech offers a Touch Mouse software that allows you to control your computer with your iPhone or iPod Touch. For the software to work, you need to install an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. In... Read More »