Poll: Los Angeles or New York?

Answer NY anytime!

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How many air miles is it from New York to Los Angeles?

The total number of air miles traveling one-way in a plane from New York to Los Angeles is 2,460. The total distance for a round-trip flight from either city is 4,920 miles.Source:Web Flyer

New York City or Los Angeles Skyline Wallpaper?

How to Start and Build Your Acting Career if You Don't Live in New York or Los Angeles?

Okay, you want to be an actor. But you don't live anywhere near New York or Los Angeles. It can still be done, and it's easier than you think.

JUSS A POLL. Out of the following, which is the band you prefer Taking a poll 4 a class Thanks!?

Nirvana, but how can you seriously choose they all contribute something to rock. Where is Alice and Chains?-L