Poll: Is JessicaGlitters22 a good username for a YouTube beauty channel?

Answer Yes it sounds like a great name! Even though it does sound a bit like "allthatglitters21" but I'm gonna subscribe to you when you put it up! If you haven't already(: but is your name jasmine or Jes... Read More »

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What is a good username for a beauty channel on Youtube?

how about sister to sister or sissy beauty

YouTube Sims 3 Channel Username?

if i was you id go for something people are going to remember and something that is quite distinctive you when they type it in your account comes up why dont you just have simmerquxxn if you like t... Read More »

Is my Youtube username good?

5***** I like it :3I want to do let's plays but I'm too shy to speak to any camera :pIt's a weird name like Seananners (Never trust Nanners) and Tobuscus.

Should I make a YouTube Beauty Channel?

As hard as it is in life to make decisions, you have to take control. I'm sure that making a beauty channel would be a lot of fun! =) Youtube takes a lot of guts and hard work to be successful, but... Read More »