Poll: How many generations of video card do you wait before upgrading?

Answer - I buy a new laptop every 18 months, and ensure I get the necessary video card for the latest games..

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What will upgrading my video card do to my computer?

A faster video card improves the rate at which your computer can render graphics, according to PC Stats. While video games usually see the most benefit from upgraded graphics, it can also help out ... Read More »

Question about upgrading my video card?

If its a laptop: NO!Ifits a desktop: YES! Your i5 processor is PERFECT for gaming!! i7 is overkill and i3 is satisfactory. 8GB RAM is plenty enough. Everything is ok. Just make sure you have a 600W... Read More »

Will upgrading your video card make movies clear?

On One Hand: Better Video Cards Mean Better GraphicsThe more advanced a video card, the better graphics it is capable of displaying. Quite often, upgrading the video card to a laptop or desktop can... Read More »

Video card poll for all you computer people: Can you list all the video cards you have owned?

Blockbuster,Civic Video,Ryde Rentals and the one down the road that gives you a free bag of popcorn when you hire out 5 or more videos.BQ: Seeing as the 2nd one sounds like a venereal disease luv I... Read More »