Poll: Hot & Spicey or Sweet & Sour?

Answer Hot and spicey. LOL :)~

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What gives the sour taste in sweet&sour chicken?

The sweet and sour sauce used to make sweet and sour chicken is made from sugar, soy sauce, ketchup and rice vinegar that is mixed with cornstarch to produce a thickened sauce. The sour flavor in s... Read More »

How healthy is sweet and sour pork?

It's fried, high in fat, high in sugar and the sauce in even worse but I guess you can't make yourself crave celery, but you CAN help yourself by not letting 'craves' dictate what you act upon. If ... Read More »

How to Make Sweet and Sour Chicken?

This dish may be mistaken as a Chinese dish, however, unlike sweet and sour pork, it is more found in American than Asian cuisine.Serves 4 people with rice, serves 2 if dish alone.

How to Make Bum Sweet and Sour Chicken?

If you're not good at cooking and you feel like trying something new, sweet and sour chicken would be a good place to start. Learning how to cook is very important.