Poll: Do you think Facebook is..........?

Answer Its depends how you use if you use to find the people and there info then it is useful and if you use for flirting and annoying others then it is waste of time. But in conclusion is it totally wast... Read More »

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Poll: when someone hits like on certain persons facebook status everytime do you think they need to get a life?

YES there's this girl in my school that likes EVERYTHING she sees on facebook, from inside joke wall posts to profile pictures. Like, we appreciate the likes, but it gets annoying

POLL: Do you use Facebook?

POLL: Do you have a facebook?

In April 2010 an estimated 41.6% of the U.S. population had a Facebook account. So that's about 130 million Americans.The other 180 million of us actually have a life.

Poll: Do you like Facebook?

I do not have a Facebook anymore. When I did, I just found it really boring. I'm not interested in the things people are doing.