Poll: Do you hate Google?

Answer I have to be completely honest here; Google is taking over the world.Here's what I mean:Think back on all the progress Google has made. Starting out as a search engine, and growing to an enormous c... Read More »

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Poll: Do you like, love or hate your period And Why?

I love all my classes, thanks for asking.

POLL: 10 things you hate about school?

10) Boy-Crazy Friends (the one who says she hates boys and doesn't want to see one ever again, yet she still dates9) Friends who want to be cool. (The one who doesn't give a damn about school and l... Read More »

Ok quick poll....reality it or hate it?

Hate it. It's cheap, and tasteless most of the time. It's also quite exploitative sometimes, not to mention it drains the funds from other programmes being made. It also saturates the viewing choic... Read More »

Poll: opinions on sushi:love or hate?