Poll: Did you know about this new computer virus?

Answer I already have thatWho do i send it too today?!

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Does any one heared or know something about this pc virus?

Your problem is AVG - I take it your running AVG 8.I agree with Helen Scott false positive, AVG 8 eats memory like norton (could be one of the reasons your running slow), AVG is well known for miss... Read More »

Virus attacked my computer then appear icon named wincrack.what is the best anti virus can solve this problem.?

WinCrack Removal Instructions Kill the following processeswincrack.exe Remove the following, wincrack.cpp, wincrack.exe.A free online scan may be able to do all that for you.http://www... Read More »

What is the best way to get rid of malware if your computer became infected with this computer virus?

Using another computer this link goes to the forum where there is a thread about these malware infections.…

A friend told me that if I use my computer while I have a cold I can give my computer a virus. Is this true?

Ignore most of these answers, my boy. Your friend is perfectly correct but if your computer is fit, healthy and reasonably young it can easily throw off a little cold. Flu, however,is different an... Read More »