Poll: Coffee, Tea or.........?

Answer I'd prefer hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream any day lol ...........mmmmXxX

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POLL: Coffee or Tea...?

Coffee is amazing anyway I've ever had it. But my favorite way is a cafe con leche like the Cubans drink it. And I am from the south so iced tea is like in my blood so please don't make me choose.

Poll: How do you take your coffee?

I love, love, love my coffee made my own quirky way:large 4 cup mug3 heaping teaspoons of Tasters Choice regular coffee2 cups water1 cup 1% milkbig, big splash of Torani's sugar free syrup (brown s... Read More »

POLL: On Coffee...?

Coffee with only cream. In my favorite NPR: Wait Wait Dont Tell Me Mug I would like a french press.

Poll: Coffee or Tea?

Depends on my mood. If I am walking by a Starbucks and get a wiff of there brew I'd have to go with Coffee. On the other hand if it was a nice hot and sunny day I might just relax with an Ice Tea a... Read More »