Poll: Coca Cola or Diet Coke?

Answer Diet CokeTastes better and isn't too sweet

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Poll: Diet Coke, Coca-Cola or Pepsi Max?

Pepsi Max every time for me,The others (Including Coke Zero) have no real taste whereas Pepsi Max doesAnd all without any sugar!

Whats the differnet between Coca cola zero and diet coke?

Coca Cola Zero - Sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium., the reason this is different than Diet Coke is Coca Cola Zero is a sugar free version of the Classic Coke formulation. In other ... Read More »

Pepsi or Coca-Cola (Coke)?

POLL: Pepsi Or Coca-Cola?

I like Coca-Cola better than Pepsi, know why?I think Coca-Cola has more fizz than Pepsi and seems like Pepsi is too sweet and has less fizz, making it taste like you left your soda opened for a whi... Read More »