Poll: Can you personally decide for yourself if a food is healthy by tasting it?

Answer It isn't about taste that will tell you, its about what you learn about them.Dune

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Poll: What is the worst tasting beer?

I am going to have to agree with you. Blue Moon tastes like refried beans!

Going to try and get off soda, good tasting healthy alternatives?

I hate water and love sugar so we on the same boat.U can always try light or lightly sweet tea. Try mio but that makes u more thirsty. Theres allot of good stuff like vitamin water or sobee!! Ther... Read More »

How to Eat Food Without Tasting It?

Have you ever been invited to a meal, only to find that that you don't like the food? These tips may help.

How to Eat Horrible Tasting Food?

Are there certain foods that you hate? Does anyone want you to eat them? Talking about your parents. They want you to eat that spinach, right? Or maybe those carrots? What about that broccoli? Don'... Read More »