Poll: Besides the grocery store, where's your favorite place to get ice cream?

Answer DQ and Baskin Robbins! DQ's Blizzard with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins and Baskin Robbin's Premium Sundae's with popular commercial-brand, chocolate-bar mix-ins!

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Wheres your favorite place in Maine to get lobster?

there is a place just north of kennebunkport that we go to every year on opening day. and the rest of the year.we recently found a place in portland that will steam them for a quarter. i think we... Read More »

Poll: Besides beer and wine what is your favorite alcoholic drink and why?

1 1/2oz. Cruzan Coconut Rum with 12oz A&W Diet Root Beer, in a tall glass with lots of ice. It taste like a root beer float.

Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?

Where is your favorite place for ice cream?

I'd have to say locally owned shops are the best, we have one in town (Lockport, IL) here called "Cool Creations". They make all their ice cream from scratch, and it is awsome. They also have int... Read More »