Police scanners the beep when cops are around?

Answer create a diversion, just call the police a report armed robbery in progress at a bank then you free to travel for the next 4 miles cuz all the police will be in pursuit, then call them again 4 mile... Read More »

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My pc wont starts. it makes beep-beep-beep sound continueously. please help me to fix the problem.?

How many beeps before it stops? Its important to know the exact number.

Do cops have to be tasered in the police academy?

Being tasered to be certified in carrying a Taser can vary depending on the state requirements. Most Taser certification courses don't require being tasered, but it is strongly recommended, so that... Read More »

Does every car accident need to be reported to the cops (and given a police report)?

Thr RIGHT thing was to not have let him drive in the first place. The insurance company is not going to pay for the damages anyways since it was alcohol related. The entire episode could have b... Read More »

Police Scanners?

visit will give you the frequencies for what you want to listen to in ur sure bigger cities used trunked systems so hopefully u got a dual/triple trunking... Read More »