Police digital scanner?

Answer For the police you should be aware the UK has a long standing prohibition on monitoring public safety communications including police, fire brigade and ambulances. They have even at times broadcast... Read More »

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What is the difference between a digital trunking scanner and a police scanner app on an iphone or blackberry?

A digital trunk tracker scanner is a device that you can program to listen to public safety and other services that use digital radio systems or trunked radio systems.A police scanner app on a phon... Read More »

Do you need a digital police scanner?

On One Hand: Useful for Personal and Professional ReasonsMedia representatives and contractors, as well as civilians who follow police events for pleasure or personal protection may find a digital ... Read More »

Can you pick up digital police scanner on androd phones?

There are apps for Android phones that receive live online scanner audio from any sources such as RadioReference.These apps do receive scanner feeds that are digital.

Can you still listen to the police now they have gone digital on a special scanner any tips?

YES. Depending on what you have you may have to buy a new scanner, or certain add-ons.In some areas they have gone to a "trunked" system that uses "rotating" frequencies as well as digital. (Simi... Read More »