Police Dog Facts?

Answer Known for their ability to apprehend a subject or search scents undetected by a human nose, dogs have been used for centuries in many protection and detection capacities, but are were first used by... Read More »

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Facts on Becoming a Police Officer?

Police officers play a vital role in keeping citizens and property safe and enforcing the law. While the duties of police officers vary based on rank, experience and location, the process for becom... Read More »

90's police show where police use cars and money they confiscate from criminals All undercover police drive nice cars taken from criminals?

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How you can get the police scanner app 5-0 for free. If the police catch you with it can you get into trouble ?

The app the other answer links to may technically be "legal" to sell but If i were you I would check the local laws in your country that apply. Some countries do make it illegal for citiizens to sc... Read More »

What is the total number of police officers at the henderson, nc police department?

The police department in Henderson, North Carolina, employs 58 law enforcement officers in addition to nine nonofficer staff members, according to its website. The Henderson Police Department has b... Read More »