Pokemon Blue Master Ball Cheats?

Answer Pokemon is a popular franchise that spans various media forms, such as cartoons and video games. Nintendo has directed the release of the video game franchise with releases on all its major systems... Read More »

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"Pokemon Blue" Cheats to Get Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is the final Pokemon a player will face in a plot-related battle in "Pokemon Blue." He is at the end of the Unknown Dungeon, which opens after the player defeats the Elite Four. A Psychic ty... Read More »

How to Get a Master Ball in Pokemon Ruby?

This is how to get a Master Ball in Ruby. This can also apply to Sapphire and Emerald.

How to Get More than 1 Master Ball in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You've probably been hearing about how people get to catch other Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl because they had extra Master Balls, but where did they got all those Master Balls? Well, chances are, ... Read More »

How to Catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Silver Without a Master Ball?

Ho-oh is one of the three legendary bird Pokemon in the "Pokemon Silver" game. Ho-oh is a bird and fire-type Pokemon. It is immune to ground-type attacks, vulnerable to water, electric and rock att... Read More »