Poisonous Perennial Plants to Cats?

Answer Chewing is a natural cat behavior, but chewing can become a dangerous or even deadly behavior if it involves plants. Many house and garden plants are dangerously toxic, and easily can poison a cat.... Read More »

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Are jade plants poisonous to cats?

That lush jade plant in your living room could make your cat very sick. Jade, also known as baby jade, dwarf rubber plant, jade tree, Chinese rubber plant and Japanese rubber plant, is toxic to cat... Read More »

Poisonous Indoor Plants for Cats?

Cats have a tendency to be curious and get into or eat things they shouldn't, such as house plants. Unfortunately, some house plants can have adverse, unwanted effects on curious cats. Cat owners s... Read More »

Are Bamboo Plants Poisonous to Cats?

Bamboo plants, bamboo vines and bamboo palm plants are not poisonous to cats. The sacred bamboo plant (also known as heavenly or nandina bamboo) is toxic to felines and can cause "weakness, incoord... Read More »

Are Basil Plants Poisonous to Cats?

Cats are curious by nature and are often tempted to nibble on plants in the garden or in the home. Cat owners must ensure the safety of their pets by eliminating access to poisonous plants. Basil p... Read More »