Pointy braces hurt help me!?

Answer Suck on ice to bring down swelling/numb pain or drink a slushy. I guess you are probably too young for whisky. If you can see the wire, you can probably bend it back into place yourself. When yo... Read More »

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My braces really hurt, can someone help?

You'll get sores the first few weeks, and after that, you don't even feel your braces anymore. Get some wax from your ortho and put it over any wires poking out, or sharp spots. Good luck, and Ibup... Read More »

My braces hurt and I am getting bad sores in my mouth. Got them 3 days ago. Please HELP!?

sores are very normal when you first get braces. your mouth just has to get used to them and the tissue will get tougher and then you wont be as sensitive to the brackets.for now? need som... Read More »

My braces hurt so bad but only my spacers and braketts are on not my wires yet what do i do help im in pain!?

Take some painkillers, put some wax on the brackets if you have any or spread some oral numbing creams on your lips so they stop hurting.To be honest, as long as I kept taking painkillers, the wors... Read More »

Dear Lord help me!Needles and pointy objects.....No.Help?

No, there's nothing you can really do at home. But, you can ask your dentist to prescribe you a dose of valium so you simply won't care! If you take it about 30 minutes before you sit in the dent... Read More »