Point of Sale Inventory Method?

Answer Inventory managers and business owners use control methods to protect the value and assets stored within product inventories. The point of sale (POS) inventory method is not a standard control meth... Read More »

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How to Compute Loss Inventory in a Fire Using the Gross Profit Method?

Companies may use the gross profit method for estimating inventories only on their interim financial statements. Gross profit method is not allowed for annual financial statements because it is onl... Read More »

What does"point of sale"mean?

The Point of Sale (POS) is the place and time of a transaction during which money is exchanged for goods or services. The Point of Sale system includes many components that record data useful to th... Read More »

What Is a Point of Sale Transaction?

Point of sale transactions are sales that take place at computerized sales terminals. The point of sale machine deducts inventory and calculates sales tax and totals for the salesperson to give to ... Read More »

Pros & Cons of Point of Sale Systems?

Point of Sale Systems (POS) help businesses keep track of their transactions in real time by the use of a computer that is equipped with a touch screen terminal or a wireless handheld device. POS S... Read More »