Pneumatic Parts of an Air Brakes System?

Answer Pneumatic air brakes work on the principle of multiplicative force application, not unlike the common lever. Air brakes are a common feature on large heavy-duty vehicles like buses and 18-wheelers.... Read More »

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Is the ride-Zipper a pneumatic or hydraulic system?

The Zipper ride, invented in 1968, is a rotating amusement park attraction that transports riders in cages around its oval-shaped frame. Its boom drive and cable drive operate with electro-hydrauli... Read More »

Is a front end loader a pneumatic or a hydraulic system?

Front end loaders use a hydraulic system to operate the loader. The premise is simple: Force applied at one point is then transmitted to another point using a fluid that does not compress well---in... Read More »

Parts of Brakes?

The brake system is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle, one in which you trust with not only your own safety, but the safety of your family. Modern automotive braking systems... Read More »

Parts of the A/C System in a Car?

A vehicle's air is dehumidified by what is known as an air conditioning (AC) evaporator. This part of a car's AC system is located inside the dashboard, making it difficult to access. The evaporato... Read More »