Plzz can anyone suggest me some good indian protein supplements with price..?

Answer Chicken sometimes fish,if you don't want meat,milk(products):they don't eat beef,but they do have the milk (most asians have lactose-intolerance,but not indians) soy beans,yellow lentils,sugarsnaps

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Can you suggest some good Indian recipe for a party?

LOL man are you going to cook it yourself? I suggest you don't bother with samosas, you need to have some experience before you serve them at a party. Just cook rice because it's easy and serve it ... Read More »

I want a bike acording to me ...plzz suggest?

at 15 you are in no position to rideanything than a novice's bike so stick to a 50cc

Suggest me a good usb 3g net modem which is lowest in price and the best?

Airtel 3G USB modem is cheaper and better than others.

Will you suggest me a good laptop model in the price range below Rs.25,000?

I'm a bit surprised to see that u haven't mentioned anything about "Processor" which is the heart of a PC. The things which u have mentioned aren't that important coz 1) Almost every PC nowadays co... Read More »