Plz.plz..HELP ME!I can do nothing!:((?

Answer DO NOT do a reinstall - It is not required and if there is an infection on your system you will not remove it -Have you tried in safe mode with networking and D/loading Malwarebytes and SUPERantis... Read More »

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Is there a countryside code leave nothing but footprints take nothing but photographs who said this?

SLOGAN FOR CONSERVATION OF HILLS AND FORESTSYes, I had seen a hoarding having this slogan/code at Nilgiris Range of hills saying that:"LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS TAKE NOTHING BUT MEMORIES"I was ... Read More »

How to Buy Nothing?

Were self-checkouts invented so nobody has to see the useless junk you buy?In O. Henry's classic Christmas story The Gift of the Magi, Della Young sells her most prized possession, her long, beauti... Read More »

How to Do Nothing?

Do you need to carve time out of your day to be still? Here's how to stop once in a while and just do nothing.

How to Do Nothing at School?

I am going to tell you about how to bludge without your parents or teachers knowing.