Plz tell me best virus scanner for my laptop?

Answer kaspersky is best. i use it for more than 3 years without any problem. i am using internet more than 5 hours a day and downloading moviesdon't buy bitdefender antivirus. its waste of money.prefer K... Read More »

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My Laptop is really slow and I need to know what is a good down-loadable virus scanner that is actually FREE?

AVG's free version is probably the best free scanner out there: on the left link)

If i restore my laptop to factory settings will i be able to get back my virus scanner (McAfee)?

Depending on the make of the laptop, if you have a Compaq or Acer, you can restore it to factory without losing any of your old data. The program will ask you if you want to erase everything or kee... Read More »

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

When a virus scanner scans a virus, is the virus deleted?

use the hijackthis software, it is easy to use. if you do not know, read this article that blog.acho that vai help you. the hijackthis of a list of all processes and the site which it says are dang... Read More »