Plz. tell me a site where i can find pictures of extremely horrible & scary spiders?


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Do you find that extremely beautiful people under mind their beauty?

absolutely. on the other hand, i think that people that arent humbled by it, arent as beautiful.

What site can i get good pictures on ? is a fantastic site for pictures, you can use them as wallpapers or screen savers.

Does anyone else find google earth really scary!!?

IT'S NOT JUST ME!!!I think it's terrifying!I am just waiting to see a ghost or something, or see Big Foot :LI am soo sad but it really freaks me out, and I'm like'Cr@p, I can't get home!!' :(Ohhh e... Read More »

How to Find Some Scary Halloween Songs?

Do you want to find some bone-chilling super-creepy Halloween songs, but just don't know how? Keep reading to find out.