Plz plz plz plz help its so wierd do any one nose why!!!!!?

Answer a Van??? your prolly just hereing things? Do you sleep with a fan on or anything because then you will just here the fan noise not the "voice" but since you prolly heard it one night you prolly "th... Read More »

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Feels like my hearts beating wierd, wierd feeling in chest !!!SCARED.. is this normal!!?

I would seek medical attention, if you are having trouble with your pulse and heart and pains in your chest .

Help !! My Macbook Pro screen has gone wierd.?

Force the computer to shut down.Then turn it back on. When you hear the chime, hold down Command, Option (alt), P and R together until the computer reboots a second time. If the screen remains blan... Read More »

HELP! Wierd rash all over body, quick way to recover?

It's most likely hives. I've experienced hives before, they are itchy bumps that get all over you. Try seeing your doctor, or just get benadryl. It helped me get rid of my hives.

My video on youtube is wierd, i dont know how to describe it please help!?

Re-render the video if you still have the project saved on your PC. During rendering don't do anything else, let computer to focus on it. If the issue remains then try rendering to a different form... Read More »