Plz help........i lost my cell phone...what should i do now?

Answer call your phone see if anyone answers if not then your good if someone does answer call the cops with another phone and give them your old phone number your phone company will probably give you a n... Read More »

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I lost my cell phone...what should i do?

I lost my cell phone?

Call your provider, they might have the new GPS software on it. If not, then report it missing and get a new one. Maybe you opted for insurance on it when signed your plan and you can get a new o... Read More »

How many cell phones are lost in the U.S. annually?

The United States population owns over 234 million cell phones. From these cell phones, more then 70 million are reported lost. That means 30 percent of Americans lose their cell phones each year.S... Read More »

Lost or stolen Cell phone?

You need to specify what kind of phone it is. With iPhone, you can go to to find the location of your iPod, if it is an Android, then I would look it up in Google. There IS an app out th... Read More »