Plz help,Hand injury, glass laceration. venous clot?

Answer Hi moody,glass lacerations tend to be a real bother because they are very easy to cause. They can be long, deep, take a while to heal and due to glass having a fragmentary nature, it can become emb... Read More »

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The skeletal pump is 1 way of helping to venous return. Describe 3 other mechanisms involved in venous return.?

A number of factors like blood volume smooth muscles of blood vessels autonomic impulses catecholamines angiotensin 2 gravity etc affect venous return.

Lip laceration surgery?

a plastic surgeon.some ENT (ears nose and throat) doctors might lookout it. but you'd probably have better luck with a plastic.

What does venous mean?

How to Take Care of a Facial Laceration?

Cuts on the face usually heal quickly, especially for young adults and children. But even so, they need special care to reduce scarring. The following directions are for those with large deep cuts ... Read More »