Plz help with connecting my hdtv to the pc as a monitor?

Answer since you have all those connections on the back of your tv it's gonna matter what you have on your computer. If your computer had a DVI connection buy yourself a DVI to HDMI cable thats the best ... Read More »

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PC dual screen; HDMI HDTV with secondary vga monitor why does the monitor look better than the hdtv?

Tv's usally only support HD formats natively. 1600x1080 is not a native HD format as far as I know, so it is probably scaling to fit which usually looks very bad. Set the HDTV to either 1920x1080p ... Read More »

Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

Answer Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in y... Read More »

HDMI connecting my LCD to my PC Monitor help!!!?

LCD tv and your PC monitor does not have any video outputs at all. You can only input a video to the LCD tv or the PC monitor. Hope this will help you out.

Connecting my laptop to external monitor. Help?

Try changing the resolution on your computer :) to do this right click on your background, to to resolution and change it untill it fits.