Plz help!!!!!!!!! westell router nat type...?

Answer Your using the wrong address. Try is usually the address for most routers.

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How to Configure a Wireless Westell 327W Router For WEP?

WEP is a type of wireless security protocol that can help to protect your network against the possibility of data sniffing and piggybacking. Configuring your Westell 327W router for WEP protection ... Read More »

How do i hook up a wireless linksys n router to a westell e90-610030-06 modem?

Turn on DevicesMake sure that the Westell modem is connected to a DSL jack and that the power is turned on. Plug the power source cable into the power port on the rear of the Linksys router and plu... Read More »

How do I Hook Up a Wireless Linksys N Router to a Westell E90-610030-06 Modem?

Unfortunately, the Westell E90-610030-06 Modem and Linksy routers share the same IP address. Because you cannot have two devices within the same network with the same IP address, you must access th... Read More »

I can't find the type of the router?

A 10 dot address is a class A private address. So we can't do anything with the address you gave.You can open a command line and do arp -a. From that you can learn the MAC address. Then you can ... Read More »