Plz help ! sudden loss of weight !?

Answer Sudden, significant weight loss can indicate anything from an overactive thyroid to cancer.Go see your doctor for a complete workup, no one can help you here.

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Sudden unexplained weight loss in 5 year old girl she went from a plump healthy 4 year old and in one years time looks anorexic example lost 11 lbs since October 2008 to March 2009 blood tests r fine?

What causes sudden hair loss?

A small amount of hair loss is considered normal and part of your body's healthy functioning. It's common to lose between 50 and 150 hairs per day, but more may indicate a problem.AgingA common cau... Read More »

What can cause sudden hair loss?

Hair growth is a highly beneficial function of the body, especially on the scalp. It provides warmth, cushion and aesthetic value. Sudden hair loss can be alarming, but it is usually temporary.Hair... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Sudden Hair Loss?

You are in the shower, washing your hair, when you notice a big clump of hair going down the drain. Sudden hair loss is scary. There is generally a viable explanation for why this is happening to y... Read More »