Plz help period leaked quick! Girls only?

Answer Just tell her, it happens, it's natural believe me I could list the amount of times this has happened to me!! your lucky its your mum not your boyfriend :-)It will be alrightHope this helped!!

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Don't worry - It's normal. It's just some of the uterus lining that your body is expelling.It's also okay that you touched it, you were curious & you should be.

Period help please girls and moms only!!!!..?

You better tell her before she takes you to the Gyno to find out why you don't have it yet!!! Next time she asks, just face away from her and nod.♥ Taylor

Girls only! No period for 6 mounths?

i know somebody who has experienced the same thing. it could be cuz ur really skinny or something or not healthy at the moment

Girls Only Period Question!!?

It depends what you prefer, pads or tampons?But whatever you choose make sure it's high absorbency.Take tablets for your cramps, you will be more comfortable.I would personally wear a pad as i'm mo... Read More »