Plz help period leaked quick! Girls only?

Answer Just tell her, it happens, it's natural believe me I could list the amount of times this has happened to me!! your lucky its your mum not your boyfriend :-)It will be alrightHope this helped!!

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If you have leaked fluid from one breast for almost two months had a two day period last month but got negative test results and now this months period is late what can cause this?

AnswerYou may be pregnant, but just didn't get a positive result yet. Go see a doctor or take another home test. I would go to a doctor considering all of your symptoms.

How to Take a Quick Shower (for Girls)?

When you take your morning shower, are your parents or siblings banging on the door for you to get out? Well, you are in luck, just read this article.

Girls only plz!! i think i just had my first ever period. ?

That's your first period! It was the same for me but it's fine and normal it will be like that for a little longer untill it gets to its normal color

What age did you get your period (Girls Only)?