Plz I need a song to sing for my talent show?

Answer Katy Perry- The One That Got Away (Acoustic Version)

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How to Choose a Song to Sing at a Talent Show?

Choosing a song which showcases your talent in singing can be a hard task. Sometimes it takes months, but hopefully these steps will help you identify quickly, what would be suitable for you.

What Jonas Brothers Song Should I Sing For The Talent Show?

you should sing tonight it has a reaaly good beat and it is really fastWell here we are againThrowing punch-lines, no one winsAs the morning sun begins to riseWe’re fading fastAnd we won’t work... Read More »

Do you sing a whole song in Americas got talent?

Well, in America's Got Talent if you're have actual talent or extremey bad talent (they may want to keep watching) you will most likely be able to finish your song. However, the judges are allowed ... Read More »

How to Sing to Win in a Talent Show?

Are you thinking of fame? Do you want to sing to win a talent show? There is no guarantee you can win a competition, but you can get yourself a long way in a talent show for just generally being an... Read More »