Plyometric Workouts for Goalkeepers?

Answer Plyometric exercises encourage your muscles to reach their maximum power in minimal time. Rather than build raw strength, which is the ability to produce force, plyometric exercises focus on streng... Read More »

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How to Do Plyometric Exercises?

Plyometric exercises train your muscular system, decreasing the time it takes to go from rest to maximum force. This can greatly increase your performance in activities which are heavily dependent ... Read More »

Do ab workouts aid in fat loss?

Ab workouts tone/tighten your ab muscles...while having more muscle does help you burn more calories (even at rest) if your desire is to burn fat then you need to focus on eating right (look up 'cl... Read More »

Workouts to be lean and fit?

I would suggest daily cycling, body weight exercises (push ups, sit ups, pull ups) and a decent diet. Limit candy, chips, and soda to a minimum. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Eat lots... Read More »

Are these good workouts for me?

Yeah that's great. You should also work on cutting the really bad foods out of your diet. Loosing weight; 70% kitchen 30% gymGood luck!