Plunking With Flatfish?

Answer Flatfish lures are elongated in shape with a slight curve. A slanted front helps to produce the enticing wiggle action of the lure in the water when retrieved. Plunking involves a specific method o... Read More »

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How to Make a Flatfish Rig?

Flatfish are also commonly referred to as flounder, depending on the location in which you are fishing. A favorite saltwater game fish of many anglers, flatfish spend much of their time feeding on ... Read More »

Magic Jack, Ever used it Anything I need to know before plunking down my $40?

I've got one 2 month ago and love it!!! you get VM and all kinds of stuff....go to the MJ forum....the best part is, no taxes and junk fees!!!you can email me if you want to...I use is as a second ... Read More »