Plumbing Copper Soldering Safety?

Answer Soldering is an important skill for plumbing. Copper pipes must be soldered together to permanently join the pipes and prevent leaks. Soldering copper pipes requires use of a torch. Take safety pre... Read More »

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Tips for Soldering in Plumbing?

Soldering copper pipes for plumbing can be a necessary skill in doing plumbing repairs yourself. While soldering is not a difficult skill to pick up, practicing with scraps of copper is a good idea... Read More »

Can you use soldering copper pipe fittings for gas?

It is not a good idea to use copper pipe with natural gas as any sulphur compounds in the gas can cause an oxide to form in the copper pipe.

How to Remove Water from Copper Pipes for Soldering?

Soldering copper pipes is a skill that is essential when performing plumbing repairs around the house. In order to get a good solder joint, you must remove all moisture from the copper pipes. You c... Read More »

Plumbing PVC Vs. Copper?

PVC and copper plumbing are what make turning on a faucet, flushing a toilet, and taking a shower part of everyday life. When deciding which is the right plumbing to use, there are pros and cons of... Read More »