Plug In problem with adobe audion 3....?

Answer Have you tried re-installing the Plug-Ins.Have you checked your configuration settings to see if the correct directory is being pointed to.Are you sure the Plug-Ins are still in the same directory ... Read More »

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I have a problem with adobe reader?

Is the printer calibrated? The paper in correctly, and turned on? connected via USB or Wifi to the home network and the ink cartridges have enough? Is the driver installed correctly?Try using anoth... Read More »

Problem with youtube!! missing plug-in?

There are too things YouTube uses to play videos: JavaScript (not a plugin, so don't worry about it), and the Adobe Flash Player. Chances are, your copy of Flash is corrupted or disabled, so simple... Read More »

When I plug in my headphones there is a problem on the mp3 Player where you plug-in the headphone jack wire?

I am trying to fill out a form for eeoc and I keep getting "there is a problem with adobe acrobatic reader?

You may have a bug/virus on your comp stopping you from uninstalling avg and it maybe causing the adobe reader issue too.If you go to the official AVG site they have a uninstall helper file that yo... Read More »