Pls tell me the meanings of YAHOO and GOOGLE?

Answer They are just simple catchy words. Yahoo is a yelled greeting. Google is a math word for a large number.The creative guys who came up with the concepts just liked the sound of these words.

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Which "Search Engine" do you use the most---Google, Yahoo!, AOL or other Are you gonna tell me?

How many people use google instead of yahoo even though you have a yahoo answers account?

Because google actually has a much better search engine, corrects your spelling etc., and offers a wider variety than the yahoo search, plus this is supposed to be silly and fun and not for the laz... Read More »

How can you tell if you are on a fake yahoo page that yahoo talks of?

First off all..... were are you talking about??? which pages??ausblue... stuff like answers, just watch the address bar up top... (we go through Aust servers, so we wi... Read More »

Yahoo better than google i think yahoo search engine is far better?

Google search engine is technically far efficient and more thorough!Also try iGoogle beats Yahoo hands down.