Pls help.. how can i remove this border?

Answer Change Button's "FlatStyle" property to "Flat"by default it would be "Standard"

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How to Remove a Wallpaper Border?

The ease with which you can remove wallpaper border is determined by a combination of factors. In general, it is easier to remove from walls that are papered rather than painted. The age of the bor... Read More »

How do you remove border from walls?

use a utility knife to peel up a piece of the border and slowly peel off the vinyl fronting with your fingers. then soak down the paper backing with a commercial wallpaper paste solvent such as DIF... Read More »

How do I remove wallpaper& border?

PreparationSelect a wallpaper remover solution. from a home improvement or hardware store. Lay drop cloths to protect flooring, and follow the directions on the product label to mix the product in ... Read More »

How do I remove wallpaper or border?

Peeling AwayTest a small area near a corner or wallpaper joint to see if the paper is securely fastened or if it will be easily pulled up. If the paper pulls up easily, continue pulling the wallpap... Read More »