Plese help me. My laptp is Toshiba c640, using windows 7 home premium.?

Answer Seems the problem is with your sound card. Go to Device Manager and check if your sound card has a Exclamation mark besides it. If it is then try updating the driver or reinstalling. Did this happe... Read More »

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How do I restore windows vista home premium on a toshiba without the disk?

If the hard drive has been replaced there is a high probability that the restore partition is not there. If it has not been replaced then partition should still be there and you will be able to re... Read More »

How to Log in to Another Computer on Your Local Wireless Network Using Windows 7 Home Premium?

The following is an easy way to access another computer on your wireless network without having to be at that computer.

Transfer songs from my iPod to iTunes using Windows Vista Home Premium?

I have Windows Vista Home Premium, too. =]This is how you get all the songs/videos/games/etc. from your iPod to your computer. I'm going to write step-by-step instructions on how to do it, but I'm ... Read More »

Ive brought windows 7 home premium need help with something?

I upgraded my Windows Vista to Windows 7 and had to only buy what they called anupgrade. Did you buy and upgrade or full version of windows 7? If it is not an upgradethen you should be alright. If ... Read More »