Please with question about wife and much hair?

Answer Peepoop pay no attention to Aboil my friend B'eer only hooked up with her once when he was trashed.

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Question about my wife.....?

You have nothing to fear from going to see your doctor. It could be something simple like a severe migraine, which can cause pains in other parts of the body too - but it could be serious, and if ... Read More »

Question from my wife for the ladies?

She will need to do a combination therapy, like using a moisturizing wash, then a NON DRYING astringent, and a moisturizer. It will take a week or so to take affect, so she shouldn't get discourag... Read More »

Question about my wife giving birth?

8:00 induction? It will more than likely take her a couple of hours to pop that one out. Make sure you bring her your leftover gatorade when you are done.

Quick question about my wife giving birth?