Please will you PRAY, to see if the power of prayer will help?

Answer May God bless you. If it His will, anything through prayer is possible. Yes I will pray for you and Brenda.

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Please pray for my father. He had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. I will pray for your peace?

Your father, you and your family will be in my prayers as you go through this stressful time. May God grant you peace in knowing He is in control and comfort you with His presence.My mother was ve... Read More »

Will you please pray?

Yes I will most definately put on her my list of things to pray for. That is a nice thing to do, posting this question. I really hope she gets better, God is a miracle worker.

Will you Pray for me Please?

my thoughts are with you and your family,and all other families that are going through such a worrying mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer,hopefully it has been caught early,she'... Read More »

Will it wreck my laptop if i shut it off using the power botton PLEASE HELP!?

If the button would ruin the laptop, what makes you think they would add it in the first place? (: It doesn't do anything to the computer. Inside your computer, there is a battery. Look up the mode... Read More »