Please tell me your most hated problems - need ideas for a design project...?

Answer I know that it isnt a complete unique design but it actually hasnt come into place yet. I hate queuing up to place all of my food shop items out of the trolley, on to the conveyor belt, scan it,... Read More »

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What is your most hated chore?

Picking up after another perfectly capable adult who lives in the same house.

Your most hated household chore?

What is your most hated vegetable?

For me it is Okra. I think it is yucky and the first time I tried it it was slimy. My first asparagus was slimy as well but I have since learned to like it after trying it prepared properly. Mmm

Any HARRY POTTER fans I need your creative ideas for this project im doing.?

thats very sweet of you ! try having people remake the dance in the goblet of fire !!! people from the HP-clubs should know what i'm talking about ! have them dance around you guys while u ask ! ho... Read More »