Please tell me what you think of this email?

Answer It was good of you not to show the web address. Simply mark it as spam as it appears to be some sort of fake mail. Never register at sites that ask you to register at their site.But if you are eage... Read More »

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Please can you tell me what you think of this verse from Hadith?

Hi! It's pretty simple. A Doctor knows HOW the body works and when it needs certain medications to help or heal the body when it suffers. A Doctor is also trained on what medicines are best. A... Read More »

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this means. please.?

Can some one please tell me what type of sushi this is in this pic?

Hi please read and tell me what you think?

i came across it after loosing my child at six months preg. b/4 taking it i use to have painfull period of 7 days long, acne, bloathing etc. all that are gone now thanks to agnus castus tincture ( ... Read More »