Please tell me what these pains are!!?

Answer You need to go to a doctor quickly ! Most of your symptoms refer to a heart attack or possibly even worse ! It could be a false alarm and your body is just fighting of things but you better be safe... Read More »

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Whenever I run or jug I always get these pains in my right rib. Can you tell me what that is?

its called a side stitch. very common. its the stretching of ligaments that run from your diaphram to your organs. heres a detailed explanation.…

Please tell me what you think of these dresses!?

I love the blue and yellow one...Not too keen on the polka dot one though. Good style but rubbish colours

How can you tell labor pains from cramping got to go to the bathroom pains?

Knots in a fine silver chain. Please tell me how these can be taken out?

when my wifes chain has got tangled, I did similar to what one of your other answers gave, but found it better to use one pin or needle, through one of the links in the knot, and gently shake the w... Read More »