Please tell me the method of preparation of Indian Tea?

Answer In India and use to buy it from a tea vendor when I worked in Singapore, they brew it a bit differently, much like the spiced Chai tea, it is boiled, then strained of the tea, canned or rich milk i... Read More »

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How i see the indian tv channels on net please tell i really want to know its very important...............?

you can watch movies on and watch indian channels on "". Cheers.

EX-SMOKERS: Please tell me by what method you were eventually able to quit. I desperately want to stop.?

First i stopped smoking when i went on holiday, so that i was outside of my normal environment which made it a bit easier. Then i just stopped. Was hell for the first 7 days, horrible for the nex... Read More »

North Indian friends: could you share your food items preparation?

Roti……Tandoori Roti……This is ... Read More »

Indian johns security method?